You Don't Have to Homeschool Alone!

Homeschool Kingdom designates 1st hour as Connect Hour.  Instead of having the members volunteer, we give them a break and have independent instructors* and babysitters* instruct the children.  This is an hour when we offer karate, piano, guitar/ukulele, drums, Spanish, pro-art, dance, and robotics / programming / engineering classes.  Children also have the option to choose a fun class managed by babysitters*.    

Homeschool Kingdom Connect Hour is designed to help the “disciple-makers” (a.k.a. the members) do their best to guide their children to become disciples that honor God.

You don't have to homeschool alone!  Develop genuine friendships with other members.  Connect Hour is designed for the new homeschooler to learn and the seasoned homeschooler to be refreshed.  We all benefit from each other.  This hour is designed to be helpful, encouraging, and fulfilling.  We want members to feel supported by other members who understand their needs and share their values.      

During Connect Hour we take prayer requests, pray together, have a fun 'get to know you' question, and then discuss homeschool help topics.  We have coffee and treats to sweeten the deal!  

Some homeschool help topics are geared towards the "how to's" including various difficulties, logistics, and challenges.

Homeschool help topics may include:  basics of how to homeschool, IL homeschool laws, tactics to handle difficult children, affirming answered prayers, tips for dealing with family that doesn't approve, how to organize your supplies, speech and reading delays, sharing our failures & successes, sibling dynamics, adding marriage to homeschooling, ways to keep little ones occupied, tools for teaching multi-ages, homeschooling through depression, grading & record keeping, help with transcripts, and alternative teaching ideas.  We will try to offer advice and encouragement for your specific issues.    

Other homeschool help topics offer an in-depth look at each subject so members can thumb through curriculum and share reviews.  We hope this helps when members select their own curriculum.

*All Independent Instructors and babysitters are independent contractors.  Homeschool Kingdom does not have any employees.