*All Independent Instructors and babysitters are independent contractors.  Homeschool Kingdom does not have any employees.

You Don't Have to Homeschool Alone!

​Homeschool Kingdom's Coffee Connect is designed to help the “disciple-makers” (a.k.a. the members) do their best to guide their children to become disciples that honor God.  Our community understands the many factors that support and strain our homeschooling lifestyle.  Develop genuine friendships with other members.  Coffee Connect is for the new homeschooler to learn, the seasoned homeschooler to be refreshed, and for all to be encouraged.  We all benefit from each other and hope our time together is helpful, encouraging, and fulfilling.  The goal is for members to feel supported by other members who understand their needs and share their values.  Connect with your tribe!     ​

More details about Coffee Connect:

Parents may join Coffee Connect anytime throughout the day.  You can find us in the lobby near the coffee bar.  If you want to Connect with other members, simply sit in the lobby near the coffee area.  Enjoy some coffee as you chat.  We take turns bringing treats to sweeten the deal!  If you'd rather have some quiet time, you are welcome to find a quiet corner.  

Coffee Connect is offered throughout the day.  However, 1st hour is unique because only Independent Instructors* offer classes which allows all the members to gather as one large group.  The first half of 1st hour will offer small group casual conversation among the tables.  Then the last half of 1st hour will share announcements and a large group discussion.  See the Class Options for the Coffee Connect large group guided discussion questions.  Some large group discussion topics are geared towards the "how to's" including various homeschooling difficulties, logistics, and challenges.  Other topics may include tactics to handle difficult children or unsupportive family members, educational delays, ways to homeschool around little children, tips for building the marriage, or tools for homeschooling during high school.   We support each other by sharing our failures & successes as we try to offer advice and encouragement for your specific issues.       

Curriculum Night Events:

As a separate helpful event, we offer an annual Curriculum Night for parents to have an in-depth look at each subject and thumb through curriculum as we share reviews.  We hope this helps when members select their own curriculum.