Friday Co-op Cost:

Please request our current Class Options schedule for details.

Base Fee (mandatory, per family):

This covers our rent, janitorial service, insurance, legal fees, accounting fees, and other reoccurring group expenses.  The Friday Co-op Family Membership also includes the Social Club Membership with no additional cost.  

  • $235    Family Membership Full-Year (Fall & Winter & Spring )


  • $160    Family Membership Fee for Spring Semester ONLY, if you join mid-year.


Your total cost will be Family Membership Fee (one fee per family) + Class cost for each student (each student, each class).

Occasionally, some classes require parents to purchase their own curriculum.  See the Class Options for details.

Family Membership Fee and Class Fees are both Non-Refundable.  There are NO Refunds.

General Class Options (Please see the schedule for more details):
Each student signs up for a class during the hours you attend.  The class prices cover that class for the whole fall or winter or spring session.  The Parent- Led Class fees pay for materials used during the class.  Our members are volunteer instructors.  Member-led class prices generally range from $10-$40.  Independent-Instructor Led class prices are listed below.    

However, there are a few classes that may require the parents to purchase specified materials or curriculum; see Class Options for details.    

Our schedule is always balanced between active/educational, low/high cost, and varied interests for each age group.  We offer at least one low-cost option each hour for each age group.  There is a variety of classes each session.  HSK consistently offers Science, Art, and Gym for each age group each session. 

Please request the current schedule to see a full list of classes and cost. 


Independent Instructor* Class Options (optional, per child, for the 10-week semester):

  • $105        Karate group class* ($10/lesson plus $5/mat fee)
  • $40          Gym group class*($4/class)
  • $100        Ballet group class*  ($10/class)
  • $150        Robotics group class* ($15/class)
  • $150        Programming group class* ($15/class)
  • $150        Mechanical / Electrical Engineering group class*  ($15/class)
  • $90          Sewing group class* ($9/class includes materials)
  • $150        Cooking & Nutrition group class*($15/class)
  • $205        Piano Private lessons 25-30 minutes* (plus $ books) ($20/lesson plus $5 keyboard fee)
  • $200        Guitar 25-30 min private lessons* (plus $ books)  ($20/lesson)
  • $205        Voice Private Lessons 25-30 min* ($20/lesson plus $5 keyboard fee)
  • $60          Spanish group lessons* ($6/class, plus books for Junior High and High School Level) 
  • $140        Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth, General, AP Psychology) group class* ($10/class, plus curriculum, meets additional days)
  • $30          Fun Class (Legos & Board Games) with Babysitters* 

Why drive all over town for instructors?  Why try to entertain your other children while just one child benefits from an instructor?  How can you know if instructors that influence your children share your faith and values?  Register for instructor classes all located in one building on Fridays.  Have an enjoyable class for each child at Homeschool Kingdom.  Know with certainty that instructors at HSK share your Christian faith.  

Friday Co-op Members are required to:

1.  Stay on-site with your children

2.  Either:   Teach 1 Class Hour.....OR....Help in 2 Class Hours....Every Week

3.  Help with Tasks.

Tasks are jobs that benefit our co-op.  Please contact us for a complete list of tasks.  

Parents teach their own children all mandatory subjects at home, then join us on Fridays for elective and group classes.  Some of the high school level classes may count towards your home accreditation.  This is NOT a drop-off program.

Membership Fees and all Class Fees are Non-Refundable. 

Admissions:  Contact us to start the admissions process which includes forms, acknowledgment of our policies, meeting our admissions team, and certificate of completion of the DCFS Mandated Reporter child safety online program.  We also recommend all new prospective members sign up for a Half Day trial for students to try out classes!    

Homeschool Kingdom is a true Non-Profit Organization.  The Board of Directors does NOT take a salary or payments.  On the contrary, the Board is so invested with time and finances that our tuition is paid in advance and we regularly donate to cover our financial obligations.  Any excess funds are reinvested into our organization for services and supplies.  We keep our prices as low as possible for our members.    

*All Independent Instructors and Babysitters are independent contractors.  Homeschool Kingdom does not have any employees.​​