Top 10 reasons why we love HSK:

1.  The Members!  Come and meet them for yourself!  You don't have to homeschool alone!

  • Our Members:  Each group has their own personality.  Our members make HSK great!  They are friendly, sincere, helpful, and understanding.  Homeschooling, parenting, and married life can all be wonderful but often is also challenging.  We aim to be a family community that cares & uplifts each other.  Please visit our Friday co-op or attend some of our outings to meet our members.  We hope you feel welcome and join our membership.
  • Coffee Connect!  This area is designed to help members refuel and is available for you to drop-in all day long.  During 1st hour, we offer a large group discussion time.  Each week we discuss a homeschool related topic.  Members support each other with encouragement and advice.  Parents enjoy a break and have the opportunity to build friendships.      

2.  Here to help!  Whether you a new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, we all need to lean on our friends in the homeschool community.  You have found your tribe!  Homeschool Kingdom is here to help you on your homeschooling journey.  We offer our best personal advice to our members.  Mentoring is offered seasonally.  Additionally, we connect you with organizations that we highly recommend, ICHE and HSLDA.  HSK offers an Illinois Christian Home Educator conference discount and Home School Legal Defense Action membership discount.  We love:  www.iche.org & www.hslda.org 

3.  Active Group Classes!  Gym classes full of playing games and learning sports basics.  Gym, Karate, and Ballet group lessons are available from skilled independent instructors!   

4.  Art Classes!  HSK offers a variety of art mediums and all the cleanup to go with it!  It's a fun group class to enjoy with friends.  

5.  Hands-on Science Classes!  Students enjoy learning with a variety of hands-on experiments, games, videos, and lapbooks.  They can master Robotics, Programming, and Electrical Engineering!  One of the biggest worries for homeschooling through high school is teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to your children.  Now, parents can relax while HSK provides Biology, Chemistry, and Physics assigning homework & completing labs.  Parents issue the test, grades, and High School Credits.

6.  Private Lessons for Piano, Voice, Guitar, and Ukulele!  Affordable and quality instruction brought to you!  Each instructor offers more than 20 years experience!

7.  Acting Classes!  Students can learn to act at Homeschool Kingdom while enjoying their friends! 

8.  Family Community!  We would like to be a 'small-group' network of friends that understands your unique challenges, needs, and values. 

  • See your friends at Field Trips & Mom's Night Out!
  • All-Encompassing:  One of the biggest benefits of our Friday co-op is that there is something for everyone in your family.  All of your children can have a group of friends they see every week and an activity each hour.  Members have the opportunity to connect with other homeschooling families.  Homeschool Kingdom serves as both a co-op and support group.    

9.  HSK Fills the Gap!  Homeschool students won't miss out on any of the school perks:  

  • Preschool, Kindergarten, 8th grade & Senior High Graduation Ceremony
  • Yearbook & Newspaper
  • Valentine Exchange
  • Grandparents' Day
  • Parties
  • Group Activities
  • Classroom Environment
  • Changing Classes
  • Field Trips
  • Community of friends to see every week!

10.  Perfect Schedule and Location!  We all look forward to Fridays after working hard all week long.  Holidays are off with a big Thanksgiving-Christmas break and Summer break.  Medinah is centrally located with quick access from the I-355 and West Lake Street exit.


Please contact us to schedule a visit and start the admissions process!


*All Independent Instructors and Babysitters are independent contractors.  Homeschool Kingdom does not have any employees.