Semester Cost:

Please request our current schedule for class details.

Base Fee (mandatory, per family):

This covers our rent, janitorial service, insurance, legal fees, accounting fees, and other reoccurring group expenses.  

  • $200    Family Membership Full Year 
  • $125    Family Membership Fall ONLY
  • $125    Family Membership Winter ONLY
  • $125    Family Membership Spring ONLY


Your total cost will be Family Membership Fee + Class cost.

General Class Cost (Please see the schedule for more details):

Parent- Led Class Options (optional, per child, per session):

  • $0         Parent-led Nursery for children age 0-3.  This is free during 2nd, 4th, 5th hours because it is a parent-led class.
  • $3         Gym
  • $20       Art    
  • $18       Science 
  • $5-45    Parent-Led Variable Class.  This fee varies based on the supplies needed per child.  These class options change each semester.  


Independent Instructor* Class Options (optional, per child, per session):

  • $85     Karate group lessons*
  • $80     Ballet group lessons*
  • $120   Robotics group lessons*
  • $120   Computer Programming group lessons*
  • $205   Piano 25 min private lessons* (plus $ books) 
  • $160   Guitar 25 min private lessons* (plus $ books)
  • $30     Fun Class with Babysitters*
  • $25     Paid Nursery with Babysitters (1st Hour ONLY)*

The Family Membership and Class Fees are non-refundable.  

Members are required to:

1.  Stay on-site with your children

2.  Either Teach 1 Class Hour  OR  Help in 2 Class Hours   Every Week

3.  Help with Tasks.

Tasks are jobs that benefit our co-op.  Please contact us for a complete list of tasks.  

Parents teach their own children all mandatory subjects at home, then join us on Fridays for elective and group classes.  Some of the high school level classes may count towards your home accreditation.  This is not a drop-off program.  

1st Hour Connect Hour:  

Join other members as we all help each other with homeschool help tips, relax, and enjoy time building friendships.  1st Hour does not have any parent-led classes, instead we only offer independent consultant* & babysitter* classes this hour.  This allows all the members time for fellowship together.      

3rd Hour Lunch:  

We have a full one-hour lunch.  Private Piano and Guitar lessons are available during lunch.

HSK also offers hot lunch as an additional option. 

*All Independent Instructors and Babysitters are independent contractors.  Homeschool Kingdom does not have any employees.​​