We meet Fridays in Villa Park, IL for three sessions:  fall, winter, & spring.  You may attend any number of the class hours. 

930am-1030am     1st Hour

  • Connect Hour
  • No Parent-Led Classes
  • Independent Instructor Class Options*
  • Paid Nursery                        

1030am-1130am   2nd Hour

  • Parent-Led Class Options
  • Independent Instructor Class Options* 
  • Free Nursery

1130am-1230pm   3rd Hour

  • Lunch
  • Optional Hot Lunch
  • Parent-Led unstructured play
  • Independent Instructor Private Lessons*
  • No Nursery

1230pm-130pm    4th Hour

  • Parent-Led Class Options
  • Independent Instructor Class Options*
  • Free Nursery                                                       

130pm-230pm      5th Hour

  • Parent-Led Class Options
  • Independent Instructor Class Options*
  • Free Nursery


To receive our current schedule, please contact us.   

Standard classes always available:

Parent-Led: Gym, Art, Science, and Parent-Led Nursery.  

Independent Instructor*:  Karate, Ballet, Piano, Guitar, Robotics, and Babysitters* (Fun Hour & Paid Nursery).

Variable Classes occasionally offered:

Parent-led: Cooking, Geography, Lego Play, Life Skills, Spanish, Career Planning, Scholarship Essays, Computers, Constitution, Business, Book Club, Preschool, Phonics, Gymnastics, Tutoring, Acting, and Lap-books.  Add your class ideas here!

Independent Instructor*:  Programming, Sign Language, College of DuPage accredited & non-accredited classes.

​*All Independent Instructors and Babysitters are independent contractors.  Homeschool Kingdom does not have any employees.