HSK highly recommends both Home School Legal Defense Association and Illinois Christian Home Educators.

HSK meets Fridays in Medinah, IL:

HSK Mission Statement:

Our goals at Homeschool Kingdom are to

work together providing group activities

while we encourage parents

in the discipleship of their children

as we invest time building friendships.  


You don't have to homeschool alone!

 Homeschool Kingdom (HSK) serves the Chicagoland area as a Christian Homeschool Co-op and Parent Support.    

HSK is a support group that encourages parents in the discipleship of their children during our Coffee Connect.  We discuss topics unique to the homeschooling lifestyle, share advice about our challenges and successes as we build each other up.  
Our goal is to develop friendships during this Coffee Connect with other members so you don’t have to homeschool alone.    

HSK is a co-op with Christ-centered classes to homeschool students of all ages on Fridays.  Members teach many of the class options.  Our co-op thrives on teamwork.  We all give our best so all of our children benefit.  Additionally, we offer several outside instructor class options such as Science, Karate, Dance, Spanish, Robotics/Programming/Engineering, Gym, and various music lessons.

In addition to students age K-8, HSK offers fun and challenging class options for High School.  Several classes can count towards your home accreditation.

Homeschool Kingdom provides the missing gaps:  Community, Friendships, Yearbooks, Graduation Ceremony, Field Trips, Group Activities, Gym Classes, Science Classes, Art Classes, Piano & Guitar Lessons. 

Join us for our summer park days! 

HSK also offers a Social Club for families that would like to join our events but not the Friday co-op.